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Our early December blog post detailed some early decision/early action result dates, but mid-December brings many more updates! It is indeed a competitive year in admissions, yet again!  Check out some of the early stats and release dates below –we will continue to post updates here as they are released:

Early Admission Updates Released by Colleges Thus Far:

Brown University: admitted 18.9 percent of early decision applicants to the class of 2018, extending offers of admission to 583 out of a record-high pool of 3,088 applicants. This year’s early decision acceptance rate was the second lowest in University history. Last year, the University admitted 18.5 percent of the 3,010 early decision applicants to the class of 2017. The University rejected 325 applicants and deferred about 71 percent to the regular decision pool. Engineering was the most popular intended concentration of admitted students for the third consecutive year, followed by biology, Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations, economics and English.

Dartmouth College: admitted 469 students to the Class of 2018 from a pool of 1,678 early decision applicants. The early decision group will make up about 40 percent of the overall class. The number of early decision applications increased by more than 6 percent from last year. Among the admitted students, the mean SAT score was 2156 and the mean ACT score was 32.1. Among students who attend schools that report rank, 31 percent are ranked first in their class and 94 percent are ranked in the top 10 percent. The mean ACT score of accepted students is in the 98th percentile, and the average SAT score placed in the 97th percentile.

Duke University: 797 early decision applicants were accepted to Duke University’s Class of 2018.
This year, 3,180 students applied under Duke’s Early Decision program, a 25 percent increase over last year and the largest number ever recorded. Students admitted through Early Decision this year will represent almost 47 percent of next fall’s incoming class, which is expected to include 1,705 students. Of the 797 students offered admission, 643 will enroll in the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and the remaining 154 will enroll in the Pratt School of Engineering.

Fordham University: 2,500 early admission applicants mistakenly received financial aid notices that told them they were admitted. The correct numbers are that 500 were admitted and 2,000 deferred.

Harvard University: accepted 992 prospective students, or 21 percent of the 4,692 applicants, to join the class of 2018. The early action admission rate was higher than the 18 percent of applicants the university accepted early each of the past two years.

Princeton University: admitted 714 students out of an early application pool of 3,854 for the Class of 2018. The 18.5 percent acceptance rate for early applicants represents a slight increase over last year’s 18.3 percent rate. Within the admitted student pool, students come from 32 different countries, 44 states and the District of Columbia.

UPenn: admitted 1,299 students of the record 5,149 applicants. The 25.3 percent acceptance rate, of the early decision applicant pool, for its class of 2018, is a small increase from last year’s 24.9 percent acceptance rate. These students represent approximately 54 percent of the target class size of 2,420 students.

Williams College: offered admission to 237 students under its Early Decision plan. The 124 women and 113 men will comprise 43 percent of the incoming Class of 2018, whose ultimate target size is 550. 554 students applied under Early Decision and admitted students represent 194 secondary schools around the world. The countries represented are Canada, China, Costa Rica, France, India, Jordan, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. American students of color comprise nearly one third of the Early Decision group, including 23 Asian-Americans, 19 African-Americans, 25 Latinos, and two Native Americans. Thirteen students are from families in which neither parent has a four-year college degree. Standardized test score averages are higher than any previous Early Decision cohort: 716 Critical Reading, 713 Math and 724 Writing and 32 ACT. A large share of this scholarly group (69) indicated an interest in eventually pursuing a Ph.D and “well-represented are highly rated artists, athletes, musicians, and actors.”

Yale University: accepted 735 students from its early applicant pool this year, yielding a 15.5 percent early acceptance rate for the Class of 2018. However, this year’s acceptance rate is slightly higher than last year’s, when the University accepted only 649 students for an admit rate of 14.4 percent.

Still waiting to hear?… Check the release dates!

College / Early Notification Release Dates:

Babson College = 12/15/13
Boston College = By 12/25/13
Boston University = 12/15/13
Brown University = 12/12/13
Bucknell University = 12/16/13 for EDI and 2/13/14 for EDII
CalTech = 12/15/13
Colgate University = 12/13/13
Columbia University = 12/12/13
Cornell University 12/16/13 at 5pm EST
Dartmouth College = 12/11/13
Duke University = 12/15/13
Emory University = 12/15/13 for EDI and 2/15/14 for EDII
Fordham University = 12/13/13
Georgetown University = 12/15/13
Harvard University = 12/15/13
Haverford College = By 12/16/13
Johns Hopkins University 12/13/13 at 3pm EST
Loyola Marymount = By 12/20/13
MIT = 12/14/13 at 12:15pm EST
New York University = 12/15/13 for EDI and 2/15/14 for EDII
Northeastern University = By 12/31/13
Northwestern University = 12/15/13
Princeton University = 12/16/13 at 3pm EST
Purdue University = 12/13/13 after 5pm EST
Seattle University = 12/14/13 for EA
Stanford University = 12/15/13
Tulane University = 12/25/13
University of Chicago = By 12/25/13
University of Illinois-Urbana Campaign = 12/13/13 for Priority Filing Applicants and 2/15/14 for others
University of Michigan = By 12/24/13
University of Pennsylvania = 12/16/13 at 5pm EST
University of Virginia = 1/31/14
Vanderbilt University = 12/15/13 for EDI and 2/15/14 for EDII
Washington University St. Louis = By 12/15/13
William and Mary = 12/6/13
Williams = By 12/12/13
Yale University = 12/16/13



One thought on “Early Application Results

  1. Does “deferred” in an early option decision really mean rejected, or do “deferred” students have a fighting chance in the RD pool?

    What would you recommend doing to improve one’s odds?

    My recommendation: Take the January SAT. If a student has been deferred, the school should accept January scores, even if they don’t for the RD pool.

    Also, sign up for one-semester Spring AP courses, like Psychology. (In other words, a one-semester AP course rather than a two-semester AP course like World History.) And make sure the student’s counselor notifies the student’s targeted schools that s/he is enrolled in an AP course (and maybe two).

    Any thoughts?

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